He’s Waiting For You…..


whale n boat 2

God wants to take you higher. The whale is waiting to take you lower.

Jonah was told to go preach to a people that he hated, nothing in common with and had even killed some of his people. But GOD was willing to save them and HE wanted to use Jonah as HIS vessel to accomplish it. Who is it that you disdain so much that you do everything possible to avoid? Is it a family member, co-worker, neighbor, someone you’ve heard terrible things about?

There are times when the LORD uses large organizations to accomplish his tasks-then there are times when HE wants to use just You. Are you willing? Sometimes GOD doesn’t care if you are not willing and ready. Just as sometimes we are to “compel others to be saved”, there are times when GOD has to compel us to go and compel them!

This was the case with Jonah and often it is the case with us.  The LORD, the whale and the city of Nineveh were all waiting for Jonah. Only two could be satisfied. The LORD, a whale, (a bad situation) and somebody is waiting for you to move by the Spirit of GOD and speak Life-JESUS-to them. The LORD is going to be GOD whether you move or not. The whale is going to be fed whether he swallows you or not. But the person or people who GOD has assigned you to minister to might be lost forever if you do not go tell them about JESUS.

They’re waiting: the LORD, the whale and the person. Pick two and Go.


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