After you ENGAGE…..

Our LORD’s WORD says in Ephesian 1:4, According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

So in the context of ENGAGE, our theme for 2017, GOD not only set a plan in motion for you-but also, set you in motion, before the foundation of the world, was laid. Before GOD said, “LET THERE BE….”, there was a plan settled in HIS heart for YOU!

HIS plan for you was accomplished on Calvary. HIS plan IN you is still being accomplished and HE is telling you to either get engaged or gear it up and engage things on a higher level! But you definitely  don’t want to be dis-engaged.

Now that you’ve decided to engage or engage on a higher level-expect-the enemy of your soul to battle you and this is what “this” article is all about.   

Philippians 1:2 says, Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.       The prophet calls the false prophets dumb dogs, #Isa 56:10|; to which the apostle seems to refer. Dogs, for their malice against faithful professors of the gospel of Christ, barking at them and biting them. They urged human works in opposition to the faith of Christ; but Paul calls them evil-workers. He calls them the concision; as they rent the church of Christ, and cut it to pieces.  (  Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.)    

The devil will try to use people to “impede” your progress, I like that word because police officers will often write you an “impeding” traffic ticket instead of a moving violation so you can pay the fine w/o getting any points on your driver’s license. There are several types of impediment he will try and use and I must say, “try”, because we are fully aware of his devices, just like we are fully aware that some police officer are assigned to issue tickets for those who are “engaged” in the activity of driving.

So here are a few of those who are assigned to impede your progress as you ENGAGE the LORD’S will:

haters-those who hate what GOD has told you to do

daters-those that want to check you out, forever, before they marry your vision

raters-those that want to compare your vision to others

        maters-those that want to join your vision with another vision

        waiters-those who want to wait and see if it is GOD speaking to you

weightors-those who want to go along for the ride and weigh you down

skaters-those who skate by you or around you as you work the work

        baiters-those who try and lure you away from your vision

let’s not forget–procrastinator-you or an accomplice who keeps putting things off

These are some of the “tools” who are used of the devil or flesh to impede your progress as you ENGAGE the mission the LORD has given you, before the foundation of the world were formed.

NEXT: How To Defeat The Enemy of Your Engagement


Discipleship Pastor @ Power and Praise Worship Center

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